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Setup a real time PowerBI Management
Accounts in Minutes

It takes minutes to create an account, connect to your accounting software and use our suite of management accounting templates

Sync Data to your accounting system
in Real Time

Post or remove transactions to your accounting software and see it appear in your PowerBI reports

Use our report template designed by accountants, 
or use PowerBI to build bespoke reports

Get up and running in minutes with our pre-designed reports while continuing to have the flexibility to utlise the entirety of Mircosoft’s PowerBI archecture

real time linking and

Check out our reporting linked in real time to your Xero, Sage & Zoho Books demo company


Business intelligence for smart business decisions - Powered by PowerBi and Excel

AccountingBi connects your accounting system with Powerbi and Excel - allowing you to build online financial dashboards and professional printable reports. Watch this video to find out how AccountingBi can help with your business intelligence needs – prebuilt customisable report templates, intuitive dashboards, consolidation, cash flow forecasting, data visualisation, reporting and analytics tools. - Business Intelligence Software
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