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AccountingBi software has Cyber Essential Plus Certification

At AccountingBi, we understand that our clients trust us with their sensitive data. That is why we are constantly improving our data security to create a secure space that protects our(including clients’) data from cyber threats. 

Data Analysis Expression (DAX) for accountants

Download your free PDF of DAX functions designed specifically for accountants and finance professionals.

Power BI: What is DAX?

DAX (Data Analysis Expressions) is a formula expression language developed by Microsoft to interact with data in different analysis services and visualisation tools platforms like Power BI, PowerPivot and SSAS tabular models. DAX can seem familiar to competent excel users as the language uses similar formulas and expressions.

Why is PowerBI important for Accountants?

As an accountant, you may find yourself referring to multiple sources to track the performance of your client’s cash flow, profitability, business trends and even bookkeeping cycle. What if you could access those results and comparisons automatically refreshed, on-demand, from your tablet, smartphone, PC, or even wearable device? Business intelligence and data visualisation systems can provide accountants with – the critical data and organisation summary in a custom format in one (or more) visuals or a dashboard. One of these powerful business intelligence tools is PowerBI.
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