AccountingBi software has Cyber Essential Plus Certification

August 24, 2022

We understand the importance of data protection to our clients. That is why we are constantly working on improving our data security measures and controls.  

We have worked on attaining the Cyber Essentials Plus certification to prove we will guard your data against any potential cyber threats. 

Cyber Essentials (Plus) Overview 

Cyber Essentials is a government-backed and industry-supported scheme that looks to help organisations implement cyber security controls. The CE scheme offers two certification levels to businesses with functional and suitable security measures in place. They include: 

  • Cyber Essentials: a basic self-assessment of a company's cyber controls through a questionnaire. 
  • Cyber Essentials Plus: an advanced evaluation of cyber controls by a qualified cyber security professional.  

AccountingBi Cyber Essentials Plus accreditation 

We have worked to meet all the requirements of the Cyber Essentials Scheme to attain certification. As the basic level of Cyber Essentials certification can be attained via self-assessment, we realised this might not be enough to reassure our clients. That is why we opted for the second level - Cyber Essentials Plus. 

Data protection controls we have implemented 

Before administering the certificate, our systems are tested and audited to provide evidence of our Cyber Essentials compliance. These tests include: 

  • External Vulnerability Assessment: a test against our internet-facing services to ensure there is no exposure to potential attacks. 
  • Internal Patch Audit: an audit of our IT infrastructure (internal servers and workstations) to make certain all updates and patches are applied. 
  • Review of Malware Protection: a configuration review on our anti-virus solution - to ascertain proper installation and ability to offer the required protection. 
  • Email-based Malware Assessment: tests if harmful files can be sent to our company via email attachments.  
  • Web-based Malware Assessment: assesses if malicious files can be downloaded by our IT infrastructure users from harmful servers.  
  • Two-Factor Authentication (Cloud Services): tests if our device users can only access cloud services after completing a two-factor authentication step. 
  • Account Separation (Standard/Administrator Users) assessment: tests if users with administrator privileges only use administrator accounts when needful. 

Importance of attaining the Cyber Essentials Certification to our clients 

At AccountingBi, we understand that our clients trust us with their sensitive data. That is why we are constantly improving our data security to create a secure space that protects our(including clients’) data from cyber threats. 

As our client, you can comfortably allow AccountingBi to connect your accounting system with Powerbi and Excel – and start building online financial dashboards and professional printable reports. Throughout the process, your data will be protected and secure. The Cyber Essentials Plus certificate proves we have technical practices and policy frameworks to safeguard your data. 

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AccountingBI is a business intelligence tool that gives you the flexibility to work with your Xero data in Excel and PowerBi – and build intuitive dashboards and reports. Contact us to get started! 


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