How to monitor the status of large API queries with the Accounting.BI real-time Log

May 23, 2023

Before you start this process:

  • Access the Accounting.BI Platform: Start by accessing the Accounting.BI platform. This involves typically logging in to your account or signing up if you're a new user.

This will allow you to locate the API Log interface and be able to view the log activity in real-time.

You can also watch the video (below) - it gives a deeper insight into the process:

To monitor the status of large API queries with the Accounting.BI real-time API Log, you can follow these step-by-step details:

  1. After accessing your Accounting.BI platform and navigating to the API Log, you can start making API queries/calls.

When you make small queries and click "Refresh Now," you receive a successful response instantly or within seconds.

  • However when making large API queries say a seven-month duration, the request becomes reasonably large. As a result, the loading page at the bottom initiates the loading process.

  • Navigate to the API Log Interface: Once you've accessed the API Log interface, you will be able to view the log activity in real-time.

When you start making more API queries, the log will display a list of API queries along with their status, timestamps, and any relevant error messages. You can observe the progress of each query and identify any issues that require attention at any time.

In our case, we currently have two queries, the smaller query's status is successful while the larger query is still in progress.

  • Identify large API queries: Since we specifically mentioned monitoring large API queries, you will need to identify them within the log. You identify them by looking at their status they have longer processing times and involve larger datasets
  • You can go ahead and call other API queries, press refresh now and monitor their status on the API log interface

  • Monitor query status: Keep an eye on the status of your large API queries in the log. The status can indicate whether a query is running, completed successfully, or encountered an error. By monitoring the status, you can track the progress of your large queries and promptly address any issues that arise.

By following these steps, you can effectively monitor the status of large API queries using the Accounting.BI real-time API Log. It allows you to stay informed about the progress of your queries, address any issues that arise, and ensure the smooth execution of your data analysis and reporting tasks.

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