Understanding the difference between "Sign In/Up with Xero" and "Sign in/up with AccountingBi"

May 29, 2024

This article clarifies the two login options available in our application: Sign in with Xero and Sign In/Up with AccountingBi credentials. Understanding the difference will help you choose the most suitable method for your needs.

1. Sign in with Xero:

This method "Sign in with Xero" essentially is a requirement as part of being with Xero appstore that we need to allow users to sign up to our application as well as sign in to our application using their Xero credentials without needing to actually create an account within our system.

When you choose to sign in or sign up with Xero, you're leveraging your existing Xero credentials to access AccountingBi. This method is particularly advantageous because of:

  • Seamless Integration: Users can access AccountingBi without the need to create a separate account. Your Xero login acts as your gateway to both Xero and AccountingBi.
  • Convenience: There's no need to remember another set of login details. Your Xero username and password are all you need.
  • Instant Access: By using Xero credentials, you can immediately start using AccountingBi without additional setup. No need to set up a new account within our system

Once you sign up or sign in with Xero, your account on AccountingBi is ready to go, and you can dive straight into managing your financial data.

2.Signing In/Up with AccountingBi Credentials:

The "Sign Up with AccountingBi" or "Sign In using AccountingBi Credentials" option allows you to establish a dedicated account within our system. This provides you with the flexibility to manage your account information and connect your Xero credentials at a later stage.

This method provides more flexibility and is recommended if:

  • New to AccountingBi: You don't currently use our system or Xero.
  • Prefer a Dedicated Account: You want a separate login for our app, independent of Xero.

Here’s how it works:

  • Account Creation: This method involves creating a dedicated account within our system using your email address.
  • Connecting Xero After Sign Up: After signing up, you can connect your Xero credentials to your account within our system. This connection enables our application to access and utilize your Xero data.

This method is advantageous because of: Independent Access: You can access AccountingBi independently of Xero, which can be useful if you use multiple accounting platforms or prefer to keep your credentials separate.

Please Note:

Regardless of the initial login method, you can always connect your Xero account later. This allows you to leverage our app's functionalities seamlessly with your Xero data.

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