What to do when I get an error 'Exception of Type 'microsoft.mashup.engine.interface.resourceAccessForbiddenException' was thrown.' when using PowerQuery to access an API?

September 29, 2022

Cause of the error

Non- IT Person Explanation 

When using the Accounting.BI system to Excel or PowerBI the error below usually means your Bearer Token (aka the password for our API) has changed / needs updating in PowerQuery. 

'Exception of Type 'microsoft.mashup.engine.interface.resourceAccessForbiddenException' was thrown.' 

Note – for security we periodically update our Bearer Tokens. Get in touch for more information on how to manage with when refreshing your management accounts in Excel or PowerBI. 

 Technical Explanation 

The Accounting.BI API uses something called HTTP parameters to allow you to access your Xero, Sage, QuickBooks, Zoho Books, or NetSuite data via PowerQuery. The authentication method for our API includes a Bearer Token that needs to update periodically via the Advanced Query Editor in PowerQuery. 

Whilst this article is for users of Accounting.BI, the steps below should allow most users to resolve the error 'Exception of Type 'microsoft.mashup.engine.interface.resourceAccessForbiddenException' was thrown.' when using PowerQuery to access an API that uses HTTP parameters for their authentication. 

Step by step Guide to solving the error 

To solve this error, please follow the following steps: 

  • Click OK under the popup notification.

Fixing Bearer token error

  • Right-click the Refresh icon. 

Fixing bearer token error

  • Select Edit from the drop-down list. 

Bearer token error in API - how to fix the problem

  • Click the Advanced Editor tab. 

Bearer token error solution

  • Go back to AccountingBi and copy the correct bearer token. 

AccountingBi bearer token

  • Click Done. 

Solving bearer token error

  • Replace the old bearer token with the new one - copy and paste the new bearer token over the old one. Start from the first letter after Bearer and the space, and finish with the last letter before ". Then click the Done button.  

Bearer token correction

  • Click Close & Load. 

Close & Load


Check out the video explanation of the above steps below.

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